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13 de dezembro, 2022

Wildside Human First Legal Associate

In her career, La Torre has always practiced the part of rights that she calls “forgotten among the forgotten because there is little travel, such as the fight against discrimination and personal rights, and is often considered secondary to heritage”. She has addressed diversity improvement issues by working on various initiatives, including the foundations of the European Center for Studies on Discrimination (Cesd), the first legal office for LGBTQ+ rights in Italy and the Association of Professionals for the Protection of the Rights of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Trans GayLex and collaboration with the Transgender Identity Movement (MIT). La Torre, who is currently also legal adviser to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the National Office against Racial Discrimination, has also been active in politics and was a city councillor in Bologna between 2011 and 2016. TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF MAG This page contains information about “LEGALI ASSOCIATE WILDSIDE HUMAN FIRST – STUDIO LEGALE LA TORRE – GORINI”, a company that has participated in the initiatives of the CONSIP platform for the provision of goods and services for public administration. In particular, investments for the year 2020 are reported. Find out if there are business opportunities for your company: open area For the year 2020, data for 4 investments were found. The following table provides details of the information. After all, injustice affects everyone. “If you put different people in a room, from Bill Gates to a homeless person, and then you ask them, `Who among you has felt or felt injustice on your skin at least once in your life? “, you will see that everyone will raise their hand,” the professional emphasizes.

At the end of 2019, La Torre was awarded at the Good Lobby Awards (the awards given by the non-profit organization dedicated to making the “society more democratic, united and equitable” we talked about on MAG 82) for her constant struggles for civil rights, equality and equality, and for the fight against online hate. notably through the “Odiare Ti Costa” campaign (see box). Of the hundreds of projects that have been pursued over the years, most of which have been carried out as volunteers, La Torre proudly remembers some. The first is a case which, for the first time, allowed a blind person to access the judges` competition, “which has never existed before in Italy, where psychophysical fitness is required. The Board of Governors. For this provider, there is also data for the years: year 2019. But let`s go in order. Born in 1980, La Torre moved from Trapani to Bologna at the age of 19 to study law at the Alma Mater Studiorium with tenacity and will. The daughter of a retired municipal employee and a former housewife who later became precarious in the public administration, she managed to finance her studies through a scholarship and a job. “I lived in a student dormitory and did a lot of jobs to take care of myself: waitress, caregiver, bartender, dishwasher, housekeeper. When I finished university, at the age of 23, I immediately started practicing. I changed three studies because at that time (beginning of the twenty-first century, editor`s note) there was an old way of doing the job, very static.

You had to climb the ladder, which in the first few months meant going to the stationery store and making photocopies. I, on the other hand, had a great desire to learn. After the first two attempts, I found myself in a studio that dealt with everything from civil to criminal to administrative. I learned a lot there. At that time, however, no one was paying the youth; So I worked in the studio from eight in the morning to eight in the evening and as soon as I went out, I went to the dishwasher until midnight,” explains the professional. Then, at the age of 27, La Torre, together with his partner Silvia Gorini, founded Wild Side Human First, a firm that today has 16 professionals from offices in Bologna, Milan and Rome and deals with family, civil and image law, as well as privacy and intellectual property. “Obviously, we have made great efforts for years to survive. Slowly, thanks to specialization, which I believe is the way forward for our profession, and the decision to operate in a part of the market little guarded by others, the study found its way. We deal with risk management, music and copyright, online hate, diversity and inclusion. Our guiding principle is human and personality rights and equal treatment, which we apply in a variety of industries, from digital to business.

We are particularly well known because we rely very little on litigation and have a judicial success rate of 96%,” adds the lawyer. Please note that Wildside Srl cannot accept, consider or view creative material submitted voluntarily (e.g. text, graphics, video and/or audio material). Therefore, if material is sent without our express request, we undertake not to make any claim against our company for any reason or title. This activism should be the destiny on which she will build her career with effort and determination, understood lawyer Cathy La Torre when she was only nine years old. This is how she tells herself when she drives her car from Bologna, the city where she usually lives, to work in Milan. “I grew up with my American mother and my Sicilian father in a small town in Sicily. There were no cinemas or bookstores, only stationery. And then, since I was a child and passionate about reading, I bought La Repubblica every morning – she recalls. When I read the newspaper, I moved closer to the concept of injustice and realized that I wanted to spend my life fighting it. ».

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