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12 de dezembro, 2022

Who Is the Legal President of the United States

The First Lady of the United States was traditionally the wife or other close relative of the President of the United States. First ladies are White House hostesses, serve as advisers to the president, and are often involved in social affairs. Throughout American history, the role of the First Lady has changed and evolved. On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, about six weeks after the election, voters gather in their respective state capitals (and Washington, D.C.) to vote for the president and in a separate ballot for the vice president. They usually vote for the candidates of the party that nominated them. While there is no constitutional mandate or federal law requiring them to do so, the District of Columbia and 32 states have laws requiring their voters to vote for candidates they are promised. [136] [137] The constitutionality of these laws was discussed in Chiafalo v. Washington (2020). [138] After voting, each state sends a certified record of its electoral votes to Congress. Voters` votes are opened and counted in a joint session of Congress during the first week of January. If a candidate has obtained an absolute majority of electoral votes for the presidency (currently 270 out of 538), he or she is declared the winner.

Otherwise, the House of Representatives must meet to elect a president in a conditional election process, in which representatives vote based on state delegations, with each state voting a single vote, choosing between the first three electors for the president. For a candidate to win, he or she must receive the votes of an absolute majority of states (currently 26 out of 50). [132] Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution authorizes the removal of senior federal officials, including the president, for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Article I, Section 2, Section 5 empowers the House of Representatives to act as a “grand jury,” with the power to indict such officials by majority vote. [156] Article I:3(6) empowers the Senate to act as a court with the power to remove indicted officials by a two-thirds majority to convict them. [157] Since 2001, the President`s annual salary has been $400,000, plus an expense allowance of $50,000; $100,000 tax-free travel account and $19,000 entertainment account. The salary of the President shall be determined by Congress and, in accordance with Article II, Section 1, clause 7 of the Constitution, any increase or decrease in the salary of the President may not take effect until the President`s next term. [160] [161] The Vice-Chair does not have a direct public telephone number. You can fill out an online form with comments. While foreign policy has always been an important part of the president`s accountability, technological advances since the adoption of the Constitution have increased the president`s power.

Where ambassadors had significant powers to negotiate independently on behalf of the United States, presidents now regularly meet directly with foreign leaders. Other presidential traditions are associated with American holidays. Rutherford B. Hayes began rolling White House eggs for local children in 1878. [114] Beginning in 1947, during the administration of Harry S. Truman, a live native turkey was presented to the president every Thanksgiving at the annual Thanksgiving national turkey presentation at the White House. Since 1989, when the custom of “forgiving” the turkey was formalized by George H. W. Busch, the turkey has been taken to a farm where it will live the rest of its natural life.

[115] The president may be involved in drafting legislation by proposing, demanding, or even insisting that Congress pass legislation it deems necessary. In addition, it may try to shape legislation during the legislative process by exerting influence over individual members of Congress. [68] Presidents have this power because the Constitution is silent on who can write laws, but the power is limited because only members of Congress can introduce laws. [69] Before exercising his powers, a President is required to recite the President`s oath of office contained in Article II, Section 1, Section 8, of the Constitution. This is the only cornerstone of the inauguration ceremony mandated by the Constitution: the traditions of the president include the role of the president as head of government. Many outgoing presidents since James Buchanan have traditionally advised their successors during the change of presidency. [116] Ronald Reagan and his successors left a private message for the new president on the desk of the Oval Office on the day of the inauguration. [117] The Constitution lists only three qualifications for the presidency – the president must be at least 35 years old, a born citizen, and have lived in the United States for at least 14 years. And although millions of Americans vote in a presidential election every four years, the president is not actually directly elected by the people. Instead, the people elect the members of the electoral college on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November every four years.

Divided by population among the 50 states – one for each member of their congressional delegation (the District of Columbia receiving 3 votes) – these electors then vote for the president.

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